Online marketplace has created exciting franchise partner opportunities

E-commerce market is expanded explosively over past five years. Now each and every small vendor, whether small, medium and large utilized online market place to sell products to international customers. Lots of business opportunities are also generated, for instance, franchise partners capitalize on e-commerce platform to generate maximum revenue. Growing technologies and development of smart equipments especially invention of smart phones has revolutionised whole world. Moreover fast speed internet related services are key drivers for such wide extension of e-commerce business platform. We live in technological oriented environment where we can contact to any person at any time. We use smart phones to do several activities like food ordering, booking movie tickets and travel tickets, and cab booking. According to latest study, by 2020 retail sales with take place online majorly, the industry may touch US $ 1 trillion in coming years. China is leading the industry with revenue generation of over US $ 650 billion in 2016. USA and Indian online retail markets are also developing at rapid rate.
Digitalization play major role in developing various industrial sectors, there is quite large opportunity exists in online marketplace that should be capitalized in recent times. Moreover current market share of e-retail segment in India has been increased unexpectedly due to continuous consumer demand for international brands. People in India show immense interest in buying clothes, footwear, electronics items and other daily routine related stuffs. Due to hectic life scheduled there is no time left to visit physical stores hence people find online stores as best alternative. In addition, origin of digital payment system has contributed a lot of online retail industry. Franchise partners of popular brands enjoyed great success as they are able to communicate with large number of customer easily and efficiently. In forthcoming years online retail market share will be on upper hand as more and more people use internet based application to buy products.

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